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Big/Little Week

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Last week was Big/Little week in my sorority. This means that the new pledge class gets paired up with a girl from the older pledge class to be her big sister. This week is a lot of fun because you get to find out who your big sister and little sister will be. I was so excited to find out who my little was! The week of Big/Little reveal, we give our littles presents everyday to show them how much their appreciated and how happy we are that they are a member of our sorority. The week before Big/Little week, my roommate and I went to her house in Littleton to make crafts to give to our littles. We made wooden letters and painted them with cute designs for our littles to hang in their rooms. The last day of Big/Little week, we give our littles costumes for them to wear to the house the next night. 

The next night is Big/Little reveal. This day is so much fun because the littles get to find out who their big sister is. We also have a very fun way of revealing this. The new members come to the house wearing the costumes that we gave them the night before and we wear an identical costume. As a member of the older pledge class, I got to hide upstairs and wait for my little to come find me. We hid in one of our friend's rooms and blasted N'Sync and Spice Girls while the littles came to find us. Our littles went running through the house looking for the girl wearing the same costume that they are. When my little found me we were so happy! We went to dinner on Pearl Street in our Beanie Baby costumes. We got a lot of people laughing at us and asking us why we were dressed up. We just laughed along with them. It was so much fun and I'm so happy that I now have a little sister! 


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