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Monday, April 1, 2013


Over spring break, I used a much needed week to relax and recharge for the final push of the semester.  After finishing homework and taking care of some loose ends, I tagged along with my family to New York City for three nights.  My sister, an exceptional junior at Boulder High School, was visiting colleges in the city, and the opportunity for a short vacation presented itself.


For our lodging, we were lucky enough to stay in the apartment of family friends for free.  The place, however, was no ordinary apartment.  Owned by friends of my grandparents, it was a penthouse on 61st and Broadway directly above the Lincoln Center.  There was a balcony that offered sprawling views of the entire city, Central Park, and various rivers and bridges.  This was my first trip to the city since elementary school, and I was absolutely in awe.  It was such a privilege to stay in such a great place.  The building had doormen as well as a full workout facility, swimming pool, and sauna.  In short, it was amazing. 


My sister Izzy's college search took us first to Barnard College and its parent institution, Columbia University.  Barnard is the women's college associated with Columbia, part of the large "umbrella" as described by the tour guide.  The campus took up a block of space in the Upper West Side, and it was magnificent.  Massive buildings reflected a sense of grandeur while featuring new and old architecture and resources alike.  I felt like I could easily spend my college years at Columbia.  Our food for the day (the most important part of any trip to NYC) was limited by Passover.  However, we had great Indian food for lunch followed by an interesting Peruvian-Chinese fusion for dinner.  We also went to the Whitney museum, which had some phenomenal pieces by O'Keefe and some pop and modern galleries that I really enjoyed.


Another day was spent farther down Manhattan in Greenwich Village viewing NYU.  A great high school friend of mine was gracious enough to show us around the main points of campus, and our tour was followed by a great Mediterranean lunch.  The Village is much more funky, hipster, and artsy than the areas surrounding Columbia, and the lack of a formal campus lent a very different vibe to NYU.  However, they are both phenomenal schools with diverse populations and great resources.  Time will only tell to see if Izzy finds a home in the city.  Dinner was at an authentic Thai place that was right up my alley - I am continually dissatisfied with bland food.  Another day spent trekking around the city was extremely well spent.  


The Nathanson family trip to the Big Apple resulted in a good time had by all.  Though I am reticent about the prospects of six more weeks of grueling school, I feel charged and ready to tackle the coming period one day at a time.  As always, go Nuggets, and hooray for Opening Day, the Final Four, and the upcoming Masters.  


Until next time,



Political Science • Boulder, Colorado

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