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The Best Dining Hall in all the Land

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hi All!

The semester is winding down here at CU and we are all looking forward to more great spring weather and a beautiful summer!

I wanted to take the time to talk to you all about how great the dining hall is here on campus. This year, after 3 semesters of feeding myself (and doing a terrible job of it), I decided to get a meal plan at the C4C, or Center for Community. The C4C is the main dining hall on campus and has a lot of perks. First, it is buffet style, which means I can eat to my content every day. Second, it is a great place to meet up with friends to study and hang out. Third, there are endless combinations of food available. My favorite stations are the Grill, Make-Your-Own-Pasta, Burrito Bar, and Dessert stations. Fourth, there is one TV in the C4C that only plays NFL Live everyday. Even now, during the NFL offseason, I can stay up to date on all of the offseason trades and drama of the NFL!

Eating at the C4C this semester has really been a life-saver for me. Between playing club baseball, working a couple of on-campus jobs, and going to class, it is difficult but necessary to stay fueled up during the day. With the all you can you capabilities of the C4C, I can stop by and get a huge lunch once a day and be ready to go for the rest of it.  I know I usually blog about all the great outdoorsy things you can do once you get to Boulder and Colorado, but the C4C is really one of the best parts about CU and chances are you can’t get a better dining hall somewhere else.

Until Next Time and GO BUFFS!


The C4C! 

Mathematics and Education • Boulder, CO

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