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Beginning of the Fall

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hey everyone,

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, it's been quite a ride for the past few weeks! First, I moved into my new house for this year. I live on "The Hill," which is a hugely popular place for upperclassmen (or really just anyone but freshmen) to live. It's a nice 8 person house, and it's just me and my fraternity brothers. However, moving in wasn't quite a piece of cake. On the first day, we didn't even know that we had to pay our first month's rent in order to get our keys and move in. So, we spent the first day trying to get enough rent together to pay both rents (our house is technically two units, but we're renting both of them). In the end, we ended up getting enough money to move into the top floor, but unfortunately for me, not the bottom floor, where my room is. I had been planning to move in on that first day, and then go home for a week, and return to finish moving in before marching band camp started. Instead, I ended up just going home for the week, and waited to move in until I got back. 

When I returned, I found that my room is one of the more recessed, and only has a tiny window. It's kind of a dungeon, but I've grown to like it. I put up a bunch of posters to lighten up the room, and I got some sweet furniture as well. I did find out that there's no light switch, just a pull cord for my light bulbs, and also that there is no smoke detector, which means I'll have to keep my nose peeled for smoke all the time instead! All in all, it's a pretty cool house, and something is always going on. 

I picked a great time to return though, because I had only two days to move in and unpack before marching band camp began! Band camp was a ton of fun, but so much time. We went from 9AM-8:30PM Monday-Saturday. It's always the longest week of my year, but one of the most fun, by far. It's always fun to meet the new freshmen, and this year, my section (the Alto saxophones) had 12 freshmen for 13 returning members! Also among the new members this year is my girlfriend, Shannon, who plays piccolo. She's been at CU for 3 semesters already, but never joined band until this year. She seems to like it so far, but definitely feels the time crunch like I do, which I think definitely hits the upperclassmen harder than the new members. Overall, band is still a blast, and I can't wait until football season brings us home games! 

Also with the return of the fall is a return to campus tours! This semester I'm giving tours on Friday afternoons, and was lucky enough to be chosen as the team leader! The team leader is mostly responsible for coordinating the tour guides for each week and helping the newer guides adjust. I'm really excited to have responsibility of a tour day that is notorious for large numbers (many visiting families choose Friday afternoons as times to take their tours). I'm just glad that I'm not slated to be on Friday afternoons during the spring break times, because those numbers are astronomical! 

I think it's going to be a great semester, and I know I'll have lots of cool stories and pictures to show you all on this blog! 

Stay tuned, and Go Buffs!

Biochemistry, Atmospheric/Oceanic Studies (ATOC) minor • Austin, Texas