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The Beginning of the End

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello all!


The Spring semester has begun and classes and clubs are in full swing! This last week I attended my last first day of school and mentally prepared myself for the beginning of the end.
I really cannot believe I am graduating CU in 109 days. I feel like I just got here…and I guess I kind of did. My first semester at CU was in 2011 and since then I have been trying to squeeze in 4 years into 2. Since I arrived at CU I’ve taken many classes, joined many clubs, and met so many unique people.  I wish I could have gotten here sooner.
Since this part of the school year means that most of you will be accepted to college(s) and you will eventually decide where you want to go, I decided to share exactly why CU was the perfect fit for me.
When I was trying to find my…more perfect school I knew exactly what I was looking for-

·         I wanted a big campus that I could make my own in my own way.

Big campuses aren’t for everyone, but a tiny campus was definitely not for me. I found that at my pervious, smaller campus there wasn’t a large diversity of clubs and activities to be involved in. At CU there are clubs like International Affairs Club, Hiking Club, Knitting Club and everything in between. The variety of activities to be involved in really helped me tailor CU to my own needs.

Some people say that when you step on a campus you will just know that you are supposed to be there, but if it takes you a while to get that “feeling” just make sure it is a place that you will be able to call home, grow into the person you want to become, and learn exactly what you want to learn--- that’s what CU is to me.


Enjoy this picture I took on my walk to my last first day of school!

International Affairs | Political Science • Colorado Springs, Colorado

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