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Bedroom Weight Pump

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Well school is back, which means that the energy around campus increases about 100x times from the summer (being from Boulder I took classes and still spent a good amount of time on campus over the break). For many students it also means that there needs to be a more concerted effort to stay active and fit, since school-work is now consuming a lot more time.


Naturally, that means that the Rec Center gets crowded fast, which is to be expected since CU-Boulder is pouring over $120M into renovating the facility. However, for my friends and I, we don’t always have the time, or enough energy to walk to the rec (even though it is all of 4 blocks downhill. Ya, we’re kinda lazy).


So, my roommates and I got creative. Instead of trying to make it over to the Rec center every day, we made efficient use of one of our bedrooms and turned it into a fully functioning weight room. One of my roommates had some extra weight lifting stuff that he brought with him from home, and we have set it all up in the largest bedroom in the house. We are also planning on making a run to GoodWill, and picking up some more miscellaneous workout gear, including boxing gloves, which will double as a solid workout as well as an efficient way of settling household disputes (i.e. who’s turn it is to do the dishes, which, in a house of 6 men can sometimes be quite a heated debate).


This system has its pitfalls, for instance one of my pals had the unfortunate luck of his bed being chosen to double as a weight bench, so his sheets now have the unmistakable, and inerasable, odor of dude sweat (the picture below shows that scene). However, for the most part the system is working great. We can lift and watch football at the same time, which is a dream come true, plus we can quiz each other on school-work and jump rope, which is what Muhammad Ali used to do when trying to memorize an opponents tendencies. If it’s good enough for The Greatest, then it is good enough for me.


Conclusion: A great rule for success in college is to make do with what you have and get creative, and that working out where you sleep is perfectly acceptable.


Until next time,


Marketing • Boulder, CO

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