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The Beauty of Intramurals

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hi everyone!

I just have to start off by pointing out the unbelievable weather we have this week! It is sunny and a solid 55 degrees in the middle of the day (in the beginning of March, no less!)  It practically feels like summer! Even in the midst of midterms, I can tell that there is a slightly different feeling when walking around campus – people just seem happier! I see kids studying out on Farrand field, playing football in the quads, and actually running outside instead of in the gym. Yes, life is good.

Anyways, I want to tell you about some of the intramural sporting teams offered here at CU! Coming from playing a few different varsity sports in high school, I was scared that I was never going to have any other form of athletic competition once I got to college! Luckily, however, I have found that not to be the case.

Here at CU, we have a large and diverse array of intramural teams available throughout the year.

What are intramural sports? Good question! Some high schools have them, others don’t, so it’s good to define it now.

Intramural sports are recreational sports organized by the school, where you form your own teams and compete again other students from CU! (Note: The opposite would be an extramural sport, such as our varsity sporting teams, where you compete against other schools.)

Some of the sports we offer are generic, such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and tennis; however, some are a bit more unusual, such as ice hockey, sand volleyball, broomball, innertube waterpolo, dodgeball, etc. The complete list of sports can be found on our Rec Center website:

In my experience, I have found that intramurals are 1) a great way to meet new friends, and 2) an even better way to burn off some steam from studying! Last semester, I was on a volleyball team with my cousin and some of his friends, and although we did not have a winning season, we still had a lot of fun!

What is great about intramurals is that you get to pick the level in which you want to play. For example, if you played varsity basketball in high school, you can sign up for the “Advanced” level of intramurals, and you will play against other people who have also had a lot of experience with the sport, and it will be really competitive!

Similarly, if you have never played a sport before, like wiffleball (because let’s be honest…is that even a real sport??), you can join either a “Beginner” or “Intermediate” level team!

Earlier this semester, I actually played on three different intramural teams at the same time!


Volleyball with friends from my dorm….

Broomball with my fellow Student Ambassadors....

Innertube waterpolo with my cousin and friends!

Later this semester, I am already signed up for a dodgeball team with some friends from Student Ambassadors! I am looking forward to some more friendly competition! 

Have a good rest of your week......GO BUFFS!



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