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A Baseball Marathon

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hi All!

The CU Club Baseball Team had yet another eventful weekend and we have another eventful week ahead. Last weekend, we played 5 games against the University of Northern Colorado. On Friday night, we played one of the longest games that I have ever been a part of. The first pitch was at 6:30 pm, and the game did not finish until 11:00 pm. That’s a 4.5 hour game and it lasted 12 innings! Unfortunately, we lost 10-9 on an error but the game was still incredibly fun to be a part of. Over the course of the game, I was able to get 6 at-bats, and plenty of action in the field. After this marathon game was over, we all drove back to Boulder to get ready to play 4 more games on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, we played a little close to Boulder, about a half an hour away at fields near Golden, CO. Unfortunately on this day as well, we played 2 close games, but lost them both. I did however, hit a Grand Slam in the second game, my first one ever! At this point in the weekend, we were 0-3 against UNC. On Sunday though, our luck changed. We played two more games and won both! We ended up finishing the weekend 2-3 against UNC, and 3-3 against them on the season. On the weekend, I ended up getting 12 hits in 21 at-bats, which definitely helped out my batting average.

This coming week, we have another big set of games. Today, we play Colorado State University in Ft. Collins. Hopefully we can get a couple of wins tonight! Plus, they have one of the nicest fields in Colorado so no matter what happens it will be fun to play. Additionally, we play 3 games against Wyoming this weekend in Laramie. If we win all of our upcoming games, we have a great chance of winning our division and making the playoffs! Anyways, it has already been, and will continue to be a fun week of baseball and hopefully your CU Baseball team can get some more wins and make a playoff push!

Some pictures of the team during the game.

Until Next Time and GO BUFFS!


Mathematics and Education • Boulder, CO

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