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Back From Winter Break

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coming back to school is always something that I look forward to. Break is always fun and relaxing, but after awhile I get tired of sitting around watching Gossip Girl and movies. I love seeing all of my friends in Boulder and moving back into the place that I know call home. Starting a new semester is always fun, but it can also be a little stressful. If you make a plan of what to do and when to do it, it becomes a lot easier. This is my plan for starting a new semester. 

1. Unpack. Put away your clean clothes back where they belong and place the dirty ones in your hamper. My advice is to do all of your laundry the day before you head back to school so you can put off paying for laundry for another week. 

2. Meet up with your friends. There's a lot to do at the beginning of a new semester, but seeing your friends is important since you haven't seen them in 3 weeks. Catch up at one of your favorite Boulder restaurants or coffee shops that you have been craving for the past 3 weeks. 

3. Check and make sure that you have your classes in order and that you know where and when they are. You don't want to be that person that walks into a French class when you're supposed to be in Biology because then you have to do the awkward get up and leave once the professor states the course name. Trust me, you never want to be that person. 

4. Write down your class schedule with times, course name, and room numbers. It can't hurt to be a litte over prepared. I'm one of those people that writes down my class schedule right when I get back to school and it paid off huge for me this semester because MyCuInfo went down on the first day of school and a ton of people didn't know where they were going. 

5. Buy your books. Everybody's least favorite task. College textbooks can be very expensive and big, but it is important that you buy them ahead of time because you don't want the bookstore to be sold out of your textbook with an assignment due the next day. You can make the cost less expensive by buying your books used or rent them from the bookstore. Ordering your books on is also a great way to save money on textbooks. 

6. Find your classrooms. Make sure that you know where you're going so that you're not wandering around campus all day. There are campus maps online and in the back of CU planners if you don't want to stand in front of a big map on campus and show everybody that you are lost. 

7. Enjoy the calm before the storm. Spend some time watching a movie or going out with friends before you are bombarded with deadlines and assignments. This is your last day without any responsibilities so enjoy it! You don't know the next time you'll have time to watch Pitch Perfect without making flashcards or go to bed and not worry if you did all of your homework. 

8. Have a great semester! School at CU is one of the best experiences there is, so get ready for a great semester! 

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