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Thursday, September 13, 2012


My first two weeks have been some for the books! I’m already busy with little commitments and events here and there, but I love always having something to look forward to and to do! We have already had our first two football games, but regardless of if we win or lose, I love the excited atmosphere that we Buff Fans create.

My classes so far should be pretty interesting. I’m only in four this semester, so I'm anticipating a fairly light homework load! For my Educational Psychology class, we are analyzing the schools in the Boulder Valley School District, so we have been offered a variety of places to do tutoring and mentoring as practicum work for the class. I had my first day of tutoring at Boulder High on Thursday, and it was more awesome than I anticipated. I helped one student with pre-calculus and another girl to write her own Declaration of Independence. One of her ideas was for school to start at 10 o’clock each day… I wanted to tell her that’s what my schedule looks like! Something to look forward to in her college years :)

Last weekend, as a Student Leader for Young Life College at CU Boulder, my co-leaders and I took 60 students up to Crooked Creek Ranch in Winter Park for a weekend retreat. This was an awesome way for me to get to meet new students, because we got to hike, swim, eat, and lodge together.  Below I attached some pictures of our awesome time in the Colorado outdoors – I love the fact I live so close to such beauty!

Beyond that, I have been trying to soak in as much time outside as possible before the colder weather comes upon us. It’s still been around 80 degrees for the past few weeks, which has been awesome for morning runs and riding my bike to and from class! I’ve also had a few light-up Frisbee nights and hikes up to the Flatirons to take a break after classes end for the day - just a few of the reasons I love this place!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Football Girls

My friends and me at the CU vs CSU game!


Young Life Camp

CU Young Life College at Crooked Creek Ranch

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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