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Back to Boulder

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Well hey there! 

I’ve finally returned to Boulder, and it feels pretty awesome. There’s snow on the ground, a chill in the air, and snow in the forecast. Something tells me it’s going to be a good semester. 

Over my break, I went to Hawaii for a week, sat around at home, and took a trip to Plano, TX, for New Years. Not surprisingly, the Hawaii trip was the best part. We stayed on the popular island of Oahu and did lots of touristy things, like going on an 8 hour tour of the filming locations of the TV show LOST and like going SCUBA diving. 

But now it’s time to go back to school! I have to get pencils, books, and hopefully I won’t get any teachers’ dirty looks. I hope all of you have a great semester, and come visit me on my campus tour, Tuesday afternoons!

Go Buffs!

Biochemistry, Atmospheric/Oceanic Studies (ATOC) minor • Austin, Texas