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Bachelorette Party Sisterhood

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Last Wednesday, we had a sisterhood at Kappa. Sisterhoods are when we have events just for the girls in the sorority. We get to hang out with each other and do fun activities. In the past, we have gone to WaterWorld, played with a reindeer and saw a psychic. This time, the sisterhood's theme was a bachelorette party. It was a surprise until the day that it happened and our Standards Chair, who planned the event, announced what we were doing when everyone was gathered. We were all so excited to do something fun and new. 

She set up our dining room with wine glasses and paint and we got to decorate our own wine glasses. I'm never very good at painting, but I always have fun painting things like this anyways. There was a ton of food everywhere and we blasted Katy Perry and Kesha songs all night. She also went and bought some tacky bridesmaids dresses to take pictures in. Some of these pictures were absolutely hilarious because the dresses were hideous. We all had so much fun hanging out with each and doing some fun activities! 


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