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An assortment of thoughts as we broach finals

Monday, December 5, 2011




These images represent my brain on finals.

Today, my mind is in a swirl; I'm tumbling over various research projects that collide in my brain and vaporize in a hazy spew of information, dappled with effervencent to-dos to go on my post Dec. 13th list. With three more research papers, a presentation, and two finals standing between me and the glorious freedom of Winter Break, my thoughts meander through space and time while I try to breathe in between marathon study sessions. Here is what's currently going through my head:

1) Plans for Winter Break. They include starting a blog titled Mall Flowers, which I hope will turn out to be a quirky reflection on post-modernism and consumerism from the plights of a mall Kiosk worker (me). I feel like it will be especially poignant over the holiday season. Also, I want to rewatch the Matrix series- I think the last time I sat down with Neo and Trinity I was about twelve; I'm sure the series has a lot to reveal to 21-year-old Lauryn. Also, I need to get skins for my skis to prep for my 3 day hut trip to a yurt in the middle of a Vail valley, from where I will climb to the peaks of mountains and ski freshies all day. Be jealous. Man, and I need to start searching for summer internships- I'm hoping for a stipended one at the Smithsonian.

2) What to make for dinner tonight. Spaghetti again? I don't think I can handle it, but will I have time for anything else? Now I'm mentally scanning my fridge- a sad assortment of eggs, cream cheese, a tomato, some risky leftovers and questionable milk. My skills at particpating in society really take a dip during finals week- my fridge provides the evidence. At least I'm still showering!

3) Two of my best friends in the whole world are abroad right now, and they're coming home so soon! I want to throw a party, maybe a themed party. The idea of reuniting and resuming our usual shenangins is motivation in and of itself to push through the next week.

4) Oh no. I actually have two presentations, not one!

5) I need to pay my parking ticket

6) Did I mention my roommate brought home a cat this week? She's so soft and cuddly! Her name is Charlie, she likes to meow a lot and hang out under the sink. Looks as though she will seamlessly be integrated as another idiosyncratic feature of my apartment, which has a part-time dishwasher (I swear, sometimes the dishes turn out dirtier than before) and has windows that condensate in the winter time. I'm not sure of the physics behind either phenomenon but I don't care; they're endearing. Just like Charlie.

7) Oh God. Parking ticket. Presentation. Time to get at it!


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