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Anticipation and Excitement

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hello all! I cannot believe that it is nearly mid-July. Soon I will be saying goodbye to Denver, my job at the Colorado State Capitol, and summer and hello to Boulder, my new apartment and my Senior year.  I just cannot believe it! But I am extremely excited to get back to Boulder. Not just back to Boulder, but back to school! I know being excited to go back to school might make me strange, but it isn’t strange when you attend a university like CU.

First, I’m excited for the Welcome Back festivities. CU hosts many events the week before classes start including a free concert on Farrand Field! One of my favorite events that CU hosts is Global Jam, which is an event that includes free food from all over the world!


Second, I’m excited to go back to class. I know this is a statement that I will probably think back to and curse when I’m studying for midterms, but I really cannot wait! I’m excited to dive deeper into my major classes and meet my new professors.

Third, I’m excited to finally go back home. I cannot wait to move back to Boulder and be in a city that is completely tailored to the needs of a college student. I cannot wait to be able to walk, bike or take the bus for free to my destination. I cannot wait to wake up to the Flatirons every day. I'm excited to get back to CU and give tours with Ambassadors and tell everyone else how excited I am to be back at CU!



If you couldn't tell, I'm this excited:

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