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Another Day in the Life

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sitting at the end of this crazy week, I will stop and reflect for a second on the whirlwind that it was.  Consuming my mind, body, and soul, the past few days have pushed me to my limits and drawn me extremely thin, but at the end of it all I am grateful for the experiences I've had and the journey I am living.  Everything will become clear before Spring Break, and I am excited for what lies ahead.


A day in my life begins in my head, which always feels like a whirring engine running from an inexhaustible power source.  The second my alarm goes off, I am thinking, planning, evaluating, recompassing the day before, contemplating the day at hand, and peering a day, a week, a month, or a year in advance.  The biggest challenge for me, just beginning my adult life, is not to focus too much on the future, but striking a neat balance between the task at hand and plans to come.  Whether studying for a test, planning study abroad, or thinking just a hint about graduate school and potential career options, the unknown monster that is the future has the power to envelop me into its grip that is tantalizing, but proving to be increasingly difficult to escape once I enter.  I am focused on living this great life one day at a time, because my sanity and success depend not on the right set of actions, but the appropriate frame of mind.


My family, playing such a huge role in my life, has been crucial in the last few months in helping me create and stick to plans and perspectives.  Lunch with my parents, phone calls with cousins, visits from grandparents, and the constant reminders of their presence have had a indispensible impact and serve as my most valuable resources.  College life is easily done with a narrow frame of mind, but I am learning the value not only of DNA replication, but more importantly the people with whom I owe my success and livelihood to.  Building relationships with these friends and especially family is the most important aspect of the college experience for me, and I am truly lucky to have so many great people in my life.  As I look ahead to the rest of the semester, the daunting prospects in front of me are softened greatly by the presence of those at my side.


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Political Science • Boulder, Colorado

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