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Annex at Aspen

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A theme of my senior year seems to be packing in all of my work during the week so that I can play on the weekends. This past weekend was no exception! Two of my friends and I made our way at 4 AM up to Aspen to ski at Snowmass for the day with one of the campus ministries we attend, The Annex. They were having their annual retreat that involves 80+ kids staying in the floor of a high school in Aspen, skiing for one day, and participating in an epic basketball tournament! Although skiing powder at Aspen Highlands on 4 hours of sleep was not my best idea, the weekend was still really awesome. My roommates and I got to all be on a team and we actually won a couple rounds of tournament! Once the other team realized our girls were our secret weapon... we quickly got marked and our team fell apart. Regardless, it was great bonding, and we won a cheer trophy for our spirit while cheering for other teams. I posted a picture of us with the trophy below! 


Today marks National Pancake Day which is widely celebrated amongst breakfast restaurants in Boulder. My friend and I went to one of our favorite spots, Snooze, to try out their Pancake Day 2014 menu of over 8 different pancake styles in addition to their usual set of 5 options. I had a Blueberry Lemon Bar pancake and my friend had a Kings Cake pancake, both of which were delicious and fun way to start the day. It's fun to take advantage of those special days and deals of the year! Even though my past 5 days have had very little sleep, they've been packed with adventure, which is what I have come to realize college is all about :)


Cheer trophy, might have helped we barely slept, making our cheers that much better!


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