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American Homecomings Project: A hands-on learning experience at CU-Boulder

Wednesday, November 7, 2012



Hey Everyone!! 

I haven't been blogging regularly, but it's because I've been SO busy!! I thought I would update you with my latest classroom assignment (part of what keeps me busy). I am a double degree-seeking student studying both journalism and communication. I am taking Digital Journalism this semester and it's probably one of the most valuable classes I've taken thus far at CU. I am learning a lot of new skills I can apply to my current internship and also keep in my back pocket when finding a job after graduation. 

Basically we are learning how to hand-code with HTML, Dreamweaver, CSS, Photoshop and much more! As journalism shifts in our generation, it is important to learn these digital skills so we can communicate effectively online. 

The journalism program at CU is currently partnered with The Denver Post to create content for the American Homecomings Project. This allows students (like me) to work on hands-on assignments that are published for the project. It gives us real-world experience writing and reporting for an online medium. We get to generate story ideas and write them for the website! 

I recently worked on a story titled "Military wives find interest in Pinterest." I wrote the entire article and it was published on the site. I get to use what I wrote as a clip that I can show future employers! Consider something like this a "research" project for journalism students. Although we are not helping professors in a lab, we are working on projects relevant to journalism that allow us to utilize the skills we learn in class and later help us find jobs, while gaining experience! 

THIS is why I love CU. It is a hands-on learning experience. We aren't necessarily confined to typical lecture settings (although those do occur). We can also take classes that get us out and about and allow us to gain experience so we can find jobs after we graduate!! 

Check out American Homecomings and my story


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