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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Well everyone, we are closing in on November. November! What?! Halloweekend is coming to an end and Christmas decorations are taking over the aisle of our favorite retail giants. But there is this little holiday in between Halloween and Christmas, isn’t there? Oh yes! Thanksgiving.

I am so excited for Thanksgiving this year. One week off--- with few school related things to worry about, with time to do whatever I want! So what am I doing with my week? Hopping on a plane to explore DC.

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I haven’t been very many places in my life…this is part of what sparked my interest to become an International Affairs major. When I grow up, I want to see the world and get paid to do it, but the rest of that story is for another blog post. Anyway, one day, when I was being suffocated by the piles of papers I had to write, I started thinking of all the places I could be exploring instead of doing my homework. Then, I started thinking of the people I knew in the places I wanted to visit and one of my best friends came to mind. Alyssa lives in DC and goes to George Washington University (and is also an International Affairs major) and I have yet to visit her. What a great opportunity!

So, I booked my plane ticket and in 3 weeks I will be exploring our nation’s capital. Maybe this didn’t have anything to do with CU, but I am very excited. And I know I will miss CU during my week of travels!

As for these next three weeks, I am going to enjoy what is left of October, I will enjoy all the 70 degree pre winter days and I will make sure to study and do my best so I can leave for my journey without any school related worries. 


Oh! Before I go. Rememeber my post a while back about Colorado's wacky weather? Remember how I said our first snow always happens just in time for Halloween? Well, this last week we got our first snow right on time.

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