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Administrative Fun

Monday, February 11, 2013

Last week was full of administrative fun - I signed a lease on my house for next year, facilitated a few group visits for high schools coming to see the CU campus, and started up the first session of my online course. But as always, I made time for fun along the way.

I attended a play for class this week titled True West. It was the story of two brothers in the west, one who is pursuing a career in screenplay writing and another who lives life without much of a plan at all. The two end up fighting and destroying their house while making hilarious jokes about the current way society is run and how one another fit into that mold. I love the opoprtunity to watch these shows as part of a class assignment! That same week in my theater class we practiced "our walk" and analyzed the way each of us walks - shoulder driven, hip driven, arm-swing driven - and then practiced what it means to walk with your head leading or knees directing your path. The entire class was hysterical and I could not stop analyzing the walks of people around me for hours after I left class!

This past weekend was full of things from hour to hour, but ultimately ended up being a blast. On Saturday, the Executive team of Student Ambassadors attended the CU GOLD leadership conference held on campus. CU GOLD is a program that puts on programs and workshops so that students have many opportunities to become better leaders. One of the wokshops we attended gave us a list of different methods to formulate answers to unterview questions, and then we had to apply those formulas in front of the speaker for critiques. I felt that the practice was very beneficial, not to mention that I now have a list of 25 commonly asked interview questions to practice before I go into the real world for a job!

That night, Young Life College put on a Sadie Hawkins dance. Everyone dressed in formal, homecoming-style attire and the crew went to dinner at Beau Joe's right near campus before coming to the dance. It was SO fun! Everyone looked so great and fancy! It was a great way to bridge the gap between boys and girls by having everyone bring dates and go to dinner all together. Although I was setting up the decorations while the kids were at teh restaurant, I heard we filled up the entire place! At the dance we had fondue dessert, a photo booth with props, and the dance floor all to keep people entertained. The pictures turned out SUPER well and we danced and laughed the night away! Clean up of the fondue pot was quite a spectacle, but the fun we had during the night definitely exceeded my already high expectations! I attached a picture of some of the leaders using the photo booth below.

The week ahead holds a day for skiing and some CU Basketball for Valentine's day! Hope we win at least four more games so we can make it into the NCAA tournament! Fingers crossed :)