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CU-LEAD Alliance and Scholarship Program

CU-LEAD Alliance, academic support program underrepresented students

CU-LEAD Alliance and Scholarship Program is a set of multidisciplinary academic neighborhoods promoting diversity and educational excellence through access for underrepresented and first-generation students.

Student Academic Success Center (SASC)

CU-LEAD's Student Academic Success Center is a multi-cultural academic learning community serving low income, first generation and disabled college students by facilitating student transitions, building community, increasing retention and graduation rates, and fostering a campus climate that is accepting of all students.

  • Academic Excellence Programs support low income and first generation college students and individuals with disabilities to improve retention and graduation rates.
  • McNeill Academic Program supports students' academic, personal and professional development and provides membership in a community of motivated students.
  • Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program prepares selected undergraduates from all ethnicities to study at the doctoral level.
  • White Antelope Memorial Scholarship Program assists American Indian students toward successful completion of their undergraduate degrees, while building and cultivating support within the CU-Boulder American Indian community.
  • First Nations Scholarship Program assists out-of-state American Indian students toward the completion of their undergraduate degrees, while cultivating and sustaining a thriving American Indian community on the CU-Boulder campus.
  • TRIO Advanced Study Community Program helps students explore their fields of interest, build research skills necessary for graduate school work, and support you in your undergraduate studies.

Academic Communities within Colleges and Schools

The following college and school programs provide academic communities that support motivated students interested in being part of a diverse community:

Academic Communities across Colleges and Schools

Leadership Residential Academic Program with its Ethnic Living and Learning Community Leadership studies program (ELLC) provides a multicultural residential community for students with a shared interest in leadership.

Honors CU-LEAD Scholars Program provides small classes and enhanced opportunities for students working towards graduating with Latin Honors.

Affiliated Programs

Cultural Unity & Engagement Center (CUE) provides facilitated educational experiences, resources, and involvement opportunities to improve the campus climate for first generation, international, and students of color.