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Certificate Programs

As a supplement to your major, you can choose to earn a certificate in an additional area of interest.

College of Arts and Sciences

Actuarial Studies provides you the mathematical, economical, and financial expertise necessary to become an actuary for the insurance and pension industries.

British & Irish Studies allows you to develop a program focusing on British and Irish culture, history, and contemporary life from a variety of perspectives.

Central & Eastern European Studies offers you integrated study of the history, politics, language, literature, and culture of Russia, Central, and Eastern Europe.

Cognitive Science prepares you for fields including telecommunications, information processing, medical analysis, data retrieval, education, and multimedia.

Foundations of Western Civilization promotes critical reflection and academic research on the traditions and issues that characterize Western civilization.

INVST Community Studies provides you supplemental interdisciplinary learning with an emphasis on community leadership, social and environmental justice, and multiculturalism.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Studies (LGBT) expands your knowledge and understanding of societies and cultures through the investigation of sexuality.

Medieval and Early Modern Studies allows you to broaden your knowledge of the cultures within the medieval and/or early modern period(s) in tandem.

Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies program provides students the opportunity to formally explore the cultural, political, and religious diversity of the Middle East and the Islamic worlds.

Neuroscience provides you a comprehensive understanding of neurosciences demonstrating interdisciplinary achievement in biology.

Peace and Conflict Studies offers you studies on issues of conflict and peace, from intrapersonal to global, with varying emphases on action and theory.

Post-Baccalaureate Premedical program offers a student who already holds a bachelor's degree a strong basis in the foundational science prerequisites needed to apply to medical and other healthcare related professional schools.

South Asian Languages and Civilizations program provides students the opportunity to formally explore one of the most populous, culturally diverse and geo-politically critical regions in the world.

Western American Studies deepens your knowledge of the American West history, literature, culture, society, and economic and environmental challenges.

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Global Engineering focuses on international teamwork, including understanding global economics and governance, international development, and conversational foreign language skills.

Engineering Leadership Program offers leadership course work that will prepare you and distinguish you among other undergraduate engineers.

Engineering Science and Society helps you engage with contemporary issues regarding the promotion, use, and possible risks of engineering and applied science.

Engineering Management and Entreprenueurship prepares you to be an effective leader and manager of technology, offering certificates in Engineering Management and Engineering Entrepreneurship.  You'll take courses to help you understand the business context of engineering and technology and acquire leadership skills.

International Engineering teaches you the necessary skills to work effectively with multi-national engineering teams and on overseas assignments.

College of Music

Jazz Studies offers you studies in jazz theory and aural foundations, improvisation, history of jazz, scoring and arranging, jazz piano, and jazz techniques for the music educator.

Music Technology provides you studies including introduction to music technology, computer programming for musicians, music and media, and sound synthesis.

Leeds School of Business

CU Business Intensive certificate teaches non-business majors fundamental business skills, the importance of group work and career development skills.

Cross Campus Entrepreneurship Certificate for Non-Business Students provides students from across the CU-Boulder campus the opportunity to study the theory and practice of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial Studies develops your skills for creating, organizing, and managing new ventures or emerging-growth businesses.

International Business teaches you the framework for developing policies and strategies appropriate for the international business environment.

Operations & Information Management prepares you to be able to get the right information to the right people at the right time, so that both strategic and operational decisions are made properly and quickly.

Quantitative Finance is one of the tracks in the Actuarial Studies and Quantitative Finance program that provides you with strong analytical skills and the necessary background to fill highly competitive complex financial analysis positions.

Real Estate exposes you to the concepts, tools, and techniques necessary for entry-level positions in real estate.

Socially Responsible Enterprise will help you see and understand the social and environmental impacts of business and their ethical implications from a broad perspective.

The Business of Sports is a 6 credit, two-month intensive program for students pursuing careers in sports and recreation industry.

Other Certificate Programs

The Certificate in the Study and Practice of Leadership seeks to expand a student's capacity to be effective in leadership roles and opportunities during their time at CU and in their future professions. This development unfolds over a student's undergraduate career and is maximized by a variety of courses and experiences that challenge and support students, and provides them with increased understanding of what they are learning and how it fits into the larger world.

The Certificate in Digital Media (CDM) provides basic understanding of the interaction of information and communication technology (ICT) and society, teaches basic digital literacy skills, and motivates to think critically about ICT and its impacts upon society.

The International Media Certificate (IMC) helps International Affairs majors develop journalistic skills for a globalized world. Through the IMC, International Affairs majors gain opportunities to work with key technologies and to explore careers in communication media, advertising, and media relations.

The energy certificate program provides a broad exposure to energy issues, with an emphasis on renewable and sustainable energy. Required coursework on energy science and technology, policy, and economics; coupled with electives on energy and environment, journalism, ethics, and other topics, give students the skills and knowledge to tackle society's pressing energy problems.