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Emma Bartels
Marketing & HR Management, 2014
Colorado Springs, CO


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Why did you decide to attend CU-Boulder?
I decided to attend CU-Boulder because from my very first visit to campus, it felt like home. I grew up in Nebraska and so this was a huge decision. The endless amount of opportunities and resources I found on campus were too good to pass up. My parents fully supported my decision to become a Buff and I haven't regretted a single day of my time here at CU.

What is your favorite thing about life as a CU-Boulder student?
My favorite thing about life as a Buff is the people I'm surrounded by each and every day. My professors care about me and the education they are providing. My academic advisor has also played a huge role in my success at CU, and his recommendations on teachers and courses haven't failed yet. Along with my professors and advisors, the students at CU couldn't be any friendlier if they wanted. The friendships I have made over the years are sure to last a lifetime. I know I will always have my friends to look back with on our wonderful memories.

Favorite thing to do in and around Boulder?
My favorite thing to do around Boulder is to attend sporting events and concerts. Of course we have our sports teams at CU, but Denver is just a bus ride away with multiple professional sports teams. The concerts at Red Rocks are amazing, the outdoor venue and the beautiful Colorado nights are priceless. I have discovered tons of new artists, as well as seen some of my favorite performers during my time as a Buff in Boulder.

Favorite place to eat in Boulder?
The Buff Restaurant

Is there a special moment that you’ll always remember?
The first time I went into my professor's office hours I was absolutely terrified. I ended up staying for his entire office hours and have continued to go in each semester at least a couple of times. The moment I realized he was still a person and cared about his students and would support them throughout their career is a moment I will never forget.

What about your involvement in clubs, groups and activities do you enjoy most?
I love how being involved makes CU seem so much smaller. Each of the groups I am involved with is a community within itself. I have created study groups from them and have gained some of my closest friends from the activities. Within each activity, you find people that share common interests in you and that's why we click so well. Getting involved is one of the best things I could have done with my time here at CU.

How important was location and distance from home in your decision to attend CU-Boulder?
Location was key in my decision to attend CU- Boulder. I love the sense of a college town Boulder has, but I also love how close the 'big city' of Denver is. I'm about 4 hours away from my parents and I like that distance as well. It's close enough that if I absolutely need to go home on a weekend I can, but it's far enough that they can't always be popping up (even though I love seeing them!).

Boulder and the Denver area can seem like a pretty big place to some students – what has been your experience with being able to get around and explore?
I brought my car up freshmen year, and if I could do it again I would have left it at home. Boulder's public transportation is amazing. The buses get you around anywhere in Boulder and are very reliable. There are even buses that run out to the Flatiron's Mall, as well as Denver and the airport. Since a bus pass is included in our tuition I have learned to take more advantage of public transportation. There are night buses that run as well, so I never feel unsafe walking back to my house.

I understand you had the opportunity to travel abroad as a student – what was that experience like, and what impact(s) did it have on you?
Every student must go abroad if they have the opportunity, it was life changing. I had an internship with the Gaelic Athletic Association in Ireland this summer and I loved every second. I learned so much about myself, and seeing different cultures, learning their history and why they do what they do is eye opening. The relationships I developed while abroad and the people who touched me impacted me more than I could have imagined.

Do you feel CU-Boulder has given you opportunities to succeed?
I definitely think CU-Boulder has given me opportunities to succeed. There are tons of different mentoring programs across campus that have contributed to my success. The fact that we have Career Services that is a free resource for students is amazing. They will help you with your resume, interview skills, networking and even bring employers directly to campus for career fairs. We also have free tutoring services for students living in the residence halls. The resources are endless and the advisors, professors and staff around campus want students to succeed - as a CU student, you just have to take advantage of them.

What one piece of information or advice would you give to students who are considering attending CU-Boulder?
I think anyone considering attending CU-Boulder is already on the right path. We have so much to do here that you will definitely find your place. I think students shouldn't be intimidated by the size of our school, rather think of it as endless opportunities. You can always make a big school smaller by getting involved, but you can't make a small school any bigger.

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