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Anthony's Profile

Anthony Borgia
Senior, Mandarin Chinese Language and Civilization
Philadelphia, PA


Miramontes Arts and Sciences Program (MASP)

Daniels Fund Scholar Program

CU-LEAD Alliance

CU Student Government

African Student's Association

Gay-Straight Alliance

Why did you decide to attend CU-Boulder?
The University of Colorado Boulder was my first choice among 10 schools that I applied to. Besides being close to home and the city I spent half of my life growing up in, CU-Boulder is filled with immense opportunity through stellar academic programs and prowess and is place where I can build a firm foundation for the rest of my future.

What is your favorite thing about life as a CU-Boulder student?
Although there are several things about life as a CU-Boulder student that are unbeatable, my favorite thing is the shear amount of opportunities and resources available to make your dreams a reality.

Favorite place to eat in Boulder?
My flavor palate is too eclectic to list just one eatery!

Favorite thing to do in and around Boulder?
As cheesy as this may sound, there is nothing that makes me happier than spending time with my friends and fellow peers. CU-Boulder and the surrounding community offers several types of engaging entertainment, whether it be a free cultural event on campus or a music festival off campus. I usually stick to on-campus activities as they are rather stimulating, unique and fun. Most of the events I go to are culturally-based, like Taste of Africa and Taste of Asia, Narooz (Persian New Year), Diwali Celebration (Indian Festival of Lights), Tết (Vietnamese New Year), Chinese Autumn & Spring Festivals, Chinese New Year and Holi (Indian Festival of Color). You'd be surprised how much fun you can have without leaving campus.

What academic support programs or organizations have you been involved with? Describe your involvement.
I am an affiliate of the Miramontes Arts and Sciences Program (MASP), a CU LEAD-Alliance program on campus designed to help first generation college students graduate and see that their goals are met. As a member, you have access to a plethora of resources that enable you to be a successful student. My involvement includes adhering to the contract to the best of my ability, participating in events and trying to be there for my fellow members. In addition to MASP, the Daniels Fund is also an academic support program. Besides being one of the main reasons why I have the ability to attend college, the Daniels Fund provides tremendous academic support. I've been a part of the student advisory board since freshman year and assumed the position of student liaison in my junior year.

How have these helped to shape your academic career at CU-Boulder?
Both MASP and the Daniels Fund have shaped my academic career at CU immensely. Besides the fact they are both second homes to me, they have shaped my outlook on college and what it means and provided all the tools I need to succeed academically. From the counseling, support, tutoring and academic advising to the school materials and scholarships, these two programs have been the most important part of my college experience as a whole. Without them, I am not sure that I would have made it this far.

Do you feel CU-Boulder has given you opportunities to succeed?
Most definitely, yes. CU-Boulder has presented me with rigorous courses designed to train and teach students all the skills necessary to become a positive and productive member of society while at the same time providing several programs, seminars, colloquiums, jobs and support to succeed after college. CU has a multitude of resource centers and offices such as the Career Services that lead students in the right direction.

What one piece of information or advice would you give to students who are considering attending CU-Boulder?
The key to success in college is learning how you learn best and figuring out how you can APPLY the knowledge that you obtain. It is easy to memorize information, but what you DO with that information and how you USE that information makes a world of difference. College is an investment and is a sizable stepping stone toward both success and the goals you have in life.

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