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Certificate Programs

CU-Boulder offers an ever-growing number of interdisciplinary and professional graduate certificate programs to complement your traditional education. Below is a partial list of approved certificates. Please contact the departments for additional programs that may be in development.

Interdisciplinary Certificates

In interdisciplinary certification programs, graduate students explore an interdisciplinary area while pursuing a master's or doctoral degree in a specific department. The students take classes outside their department and work with a faculty member affiliated with the program. Some programs also have research requirements.

Professional Certificates

Professional certification programs allow professionals to pursue certification apart from degree completion. After completing the required work, students receive a certificate in the interdisciplinary field.

Aerospace Engineering

Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering

Boulder Digital Works

Electrical and Computing Engineering


Engineering Management

Ethnic Studies

Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literature

Graduate Teaching Program

Institute for Behavioral Sciences


CU Museum



Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences