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Check Your Status

Twenty-four hours after you have received the email confirming that your application was successfully submitted, you will be able to check your application status through the MyCUBoulder portal using the same login credentials as the application.

You will also be able to access a checklist with information on what supporting materials have been received on behalf of your application. Missing information or credentials delay application processing and may affect your chances for admission. Incomplete applications cannot be reviewed until the necessary items are received. Unless sent by express delivery service, items mailed to us from outside the US can take several weeks if not a month or more to reach us. Additionally, we require all items we receive to be scanned and indexed into our electronic document database before they can be reviewed, a process that can add several days to the time from when we receive an item until we can confirm it is here.

For these reasons, and due to the huge volume of mail we receive, we are unable to confirm that we’ve received a particular package.  If you call or email, you will be referred to your MyCUBoulder account for updates.  Continue to check your MyCUBoulder account for updates to your status. If you are certain that your package arrived, and your checklist does not reflect this within 3 weeks, please email If your MyCUBoulder account indicates that your status is “in process” we have not yet worked your application to determine what items we do or do not have. In this case please continue to monitor your account for updates to your status and access to your checklist.  As soon as we have worked your application, the new status will appear in the portal.

Letters of Recommendation: You will also receive an email notification each time a letter of recommendation has been submitted on your behalf.

Materials Are Non-returnable: Applications and credentials submitted for admission become the property of the University of Colorado Boulder and will not be returned.  We recommend that you keep a copy of all submitted materials for your personal records.

“Foreign Transcript Evaluation” item on the checklist: This checklist item prompts us to do an evaluation of your non-US academic work, after your transcripts have been received. It is entirely an internal item- you do not need to do anything to complete it. You do not need to ask a third party credential evaluator to review your transcripts- again, we conduct our own internal evaluation of your non-US work. Whether or not this item is completed, the department to which you’ve applied has access to all of your materials at all times, so this item does not slow down the department’s review of your application.

Admissions Decisions: When an admissions decision has been reached, you will received an acceptance or denial email/letter from the department to which you applied.  Fall decisions are typically released throughout the month of March, and spring decisions are typically made in October.