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Preparing to Apply

Admission Process for International Students

The international graduate education application process is complex with varying requirements for each program of study as well as each country of origin. We strongly urge you to carefully review each of the following sections and to begin the application process early. All materials must be received by the stated international application deadline.  

If you are offered admission by the department, your file will then be checked by the Admissions Office for proof of adequate English proficiency, financial support, and other information required by law prior to issuing immigration documentation.

If you are applying to more than one department you must submit a complete application package and separate fee to each department.

If you wish to apply to multiple programs within the same department, check with the department or program.  Generally, if you are interested in either a master’s or doctoral degree in the same subject, one application for the doctoral degree is sufficient. If you are not accepted into the doctoral program, in most cases you will be automatically considered for the master’s program.

Further questions? Start with your department or program.