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Quiet Study Areas

  • Libraries
    Business Library

    Group Study Rooms—Team Room Reservations

    Earth Sciences & Map Library
    Group Study Rooms—First come, first served

    Engineering Library
    Group Study Rooms—First-come, first-served
    Group study is welcomed and encouraged in the study areas on the first floor. The downstairs area is designated quiet study.

    Norlin Library
    Group Study Rooms— Book in advance
    Quiet Study Areas in Norlin Library
    Norlin Floor Plan

    Music Library

  • Reserve a Study Carrel Through Library Services
    Don't have an office space and need a quiet place to study on-campus? Library Services offers a limited number of study carrels to graduate students by semester. Carrels are located in Norlin Library and reserved on a first-come, first-served basis by presenting a valid UCB ID at the Circulation desk. If carrels are not available at that time, graduate students can put their name on a waitlist. 

  • Atlas Study Rooms
    Quiet Study Lounge with comfy couches on the 2nd Floor

  • Biolounge
    Located on the Museum's lower level, the new BioLounge is an inviting, relaxing, and totally unique space at the Museum of Natural History. An amalgamation of exhibit, cabinet of curiosities, coffee bar, lounge, and venue for science, art, and music, the BioLounge brings a new approach to the art and science of biodiversity.

  • Center for Community (C4C)
    3rd Floor lounge

  • Center for Multicultural Affairs
    Located in C4C N320, 3 small study rooms, up to 6 people, check out with front desk

  • Top floor of Duane Physics Building (Physics graduate students: Check out the Physics Help Room in the basement of Duane, Room G2B90)

  • University Memorial Center (UMC)
    –First floor
    –Conference Rooms on the 3rd floor near Room 381
    –227 near the Reception desk

Secret Study Spot—One of the best-kept secrets of great study spots is the fifth floor of the UMC. While some people are astonished there is a fifth floor of the UMC, the rest of us have already utilized the comfy couches, chairs, tables, and relaxing views to our advantage. It’s a prime nap area, so if you’re studying, make sure to keep it down. The only downside is the size of the room; it’s pretty small, so you take your chances finding a place. But it’s worth it.