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Get to Know the IT Infrastructure

Primary IT Resources for Graduate Students:
As a CU-Boulder student you'll be able to take advantage of educational technology tools, wireless network access, an extensive array of modern computing labs, and innovative classroom technology.

  • OIT QuickStart: A tour of ITS Services at UC-Boulder.
  • CULink Email Account: Your official university email account. 
  • MyCUInfo: Your primary portal for financial aid, billing, registration, academic information, employee information and much more!
  • Desire2Learn: is CU-Boulder's online component to courses, including online paper submissions, discussion blogs, document distribution, and more. If you are enrolled in a class that uses it, or if you would like to use it as a teaching tool in your classes, click on the link above.
  • Printing On Campus: Both black-and-white and color printers are located throughout the CU-Boulder campus in libraries and campus computing labs. Black-and-white printing costs ~$0.10/page and color printing costs $0.50/page. In order to pay for your print job, you must use Campus Cash from your Buff OneCard. A limited amount of cash is provided on your Buff OneCard originally, and you can add more by visiting the Buff OneCard website and clicking on "Add Campus Cash." Also check with your department to see if free printing for graduate students is provided. 
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Information: Once downloaded, this software provides a secure encrypted tunnel from your computer to CU's network whether you are on campus or off. If you are using the client from off campus, it appears that your computer traffic is originating from the CU network thus allowing access to resources that require on-campus connections such as library resources.
  • Campus Computing Labs
  • Campus network and Internet access (via Ethernet or wireless)
  • SkillSoft, CU-Boulder's computer-based training
  • Hardware and Software: Learn about recommended and supported hardware and software, some of which is free.