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Get a Job

The Student Employment Office posts job announcements for on and off-campus employers, visible only to current CU students. If you are a current student, see MyCUInfo for job listings. International Students should check with ISSS regarding their visa status and employment prospects: 303-492-8057.

Domestic students who qualify for federal financial aid may also be eligible for work-study awards, a need-based financial aid.

To pursue the work-study option:

  1. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  2. After receiving notice that you are eligible for financial aid, verify your eligibility for work-study through the Student Employment Office: Regent 205, 303-492-7349. Note, only incoming undergraduate freshmen are automatically notified of this eligibility. All others must inquire.
  3. Start the job-hunting process and secure a job as soon as possible.
  4. Once you have an offer from an employer, contact Student Employment again and request to be put on a waitlist for work-study funds.
  5. Allow plenty of time. Work-study funds may be applied retroactively, but your employer will need to decide whether or not to take the risk of having you start  working before the work-study funds officially come through. There is no guarantee.
  6. Once you have received a work-study award, it is much easier to secure future awards for the summer session and subsequent academic years.