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Ask Your Department Important Questions

Essential Questions

  • Who is my advisor? Can I switch advisors?
  • Are there sequential course requirements I need to be aware of in order to complete my degree on-time? What semesters are required courses offered?
  • Does my department offer teaching, research, or grading opportunities for students? How can I become eligible for these positions?
  • Are there any upcoming department events or activities? How do I find out about them?
  • When is my department's graduate student orientation?

Additional Questions

  • Does my department maintain an email list serve for students?
  • Do I have an office or a department mailbox? Where are they located?
  • Do I have department copy privileges? Where is the nearest location to make copies?
  • Does the department offer independent study courses? How do I set up an independent study course?
  • Does the department have a student handbook, wiki, or other general resource for information?
  • Who are the graduate students I could contact for advice on coursework, teaching, or the program requirements?
  • Are there any department clubs, internships, or professional societies?
  • Are there any exchange or summer programs that support my degree?
  • What academic centers/programs are going to be the most useful to me?
  • Does the department support travel expenses for conferences or research?
  • What are some common certificate programs for students in this department?
  • What opportunities does the department offer in the summer?
  • Am I allowed to switch disciplines?
  • How do I fulfill or waive a foreign language requirement?
  • Who do I contact in the department about payroll?