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Teaching & Professional Development

The Graduate Teacher Program is a longstanding national model for future faculty preparation. It offers graduate students individual consultation on college teaching, workshops, seminars, and networking. It also offers three certification paths: Certificate in College Teaching, Preparing Future Faculty, and Business, Government, Industry, and the Arts.Tel: 303-492-4902

Career Services offers counseling, workshops, resume preparation services primarily (though not exclusively) for graduate students and alumni who wish to explore career options beyond traditional academic paths in business, industry, government, or the non-profit sector. It also provides access to job banks and networking opportunities and a graduate student monthly career newsletter. Tel: 303-492-0520. 

Campus Organizations

Café Pédagogique
Currently an annual gathering in August in association with the Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology Conference (COLTT), the world's possibly first known Café Pédagogique is a lively discussion of teaching and learning in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Career Services Networking Resources
A description of the benefits of networking for graduate students with a list of resourcing opportunities.

The Forum on Science, Ethics and Policy (FOSEP)
A multidisciplinary organization of graduate students, professional students, and postdoctoral fellows. FOSEP works to build bridges between science and society and to foster leaders who are prepared to apply specialized expertise to 21st century challenges.

Forever Buffs
A free alumni service where students can contact alumni, network, and receive lifelong career services.

Postdoctoral Association of Colorado
An organization for individuals in a postdoctoral position (be it research, teaching, or some other type of appointment) that fosters professional advancement through programming, support services, and networking opportunities.