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Student Insights

Angie White

"I have been the Lead Graduate Teacher for the Department of Communication, and received the Eta Phi Graduate Teacher-of-the-Year award and the Institute for Ethical & Civic Engagement “Serving Communities” Graduate Student Award (both in 2010)."

Calvin Pohawpatchoko Jr. 

"I’m starting my third year as a PhD candidate in the ATLAS Institute.  I’m a second year GK-12 Fellow with eCSite’s (Engaging Computer Science in Traditional Education). Through the Fellowship, I’m working with Native American middle school students at Merrill Middle School in Denver and helped develop and teach high school students in the summer at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in interactive technology development. My goal is to obtain a degree in an area that would benefit the Native American community and possibly teach at a tribal college or public or private university."

Evan Paul

"I am currently a second year graduate student in the Interdepartmental Neuroscience PhD program within the department of Integrative Physiology. In addition to my research work, I am a graduate teaching assistant for the Human Anatomy lab.  This opportunity has really increased my passion for teaching, and it is a very rewarding experience to be able to influence other student's lives for the better."

Anna-Maria Hunger

"I came to CU-Boulder in August 2008 for the MA program in German Studies and have been working for the German Department as a German TA ever since.  I am originally from Germany where I received a B.A. degree in American Studies and German Studies and a certificate in German as a Foreign Language in 2006.  I have always enjoyed working with students and being in the classroom. I wanted to get more education after my B.A. degree and I didn't want to give up teaching completely. This program allows me to do both."

Liesl Erb 

"I am a PhD student in EBIO, and my work focuses on the American pika (Ochotona princeps) and the species' potential for decline in the face of anthropogenic climate change. I love my research, but my greatest passion is teaching: I have worked as a teaching assistant in the EBIO department as well as for the Biological Sciences Initiative, which works to bring "real" scientists into K-12 classrooms and aid student and teacher understanding of biology."

Michael Hawkins

"I am currently working towards my Master’s degree in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. In addition to my thesis work, I am a member of the Biological Sciences Initiative Science Squad. This is an HHMI-funded outreach program that sends graduate students in the biological sciences to teach in their areas of expertise to Boulder and Denver metro-area high school classrooms. It is a great opportunity to stoke interest in the sciences in groups that are currently underrepresented in my field."

Daniela Faerber

"CU-Boulder seemed to be a great chance to combine my studies, a great deal of teaching experience, and my love for the mountains."

Michael Zerella

"I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in the philosophy department. My dissertation concerns the history and theoretical foundations of evolutionary biology, which allows me to draw upon my previous work in the biological sciences. 

I am also working as a GPTI in the philosophy department, mostly teaching introduction to philosophy and philosophy of science, which I enjoy immensely."

Recipient of the 2008-2009 GPTI Teaching Excellence Award

Skyler Artes

"After completing my BA in History at Grinnell College and becoming an elementary school teacher, I taught English in rural Japan. I have taught every semester since coming to CU. I have taught introductory and intermediate French, and, most recently, an introductory course on French literature. My research focuses on the tensions between regionalism and nationalism in late nineteenth-century French historical writing."

Travis Rupp

"I truly adore teaching, and leaving my previous profession was extremely difficult. However, I enjoy teaching college students as well, and I truly love my job at CU. Last year I taught Greek History and an archaeology survey course. This year I'll be teaching Latin.  I also served as the Lead Graduate Student for the Classics Department and the GTP."

Yiyi Luo

"Boulder is an ideal place to live and study. I hope someday to work in Boulder."

Ulyana Horodyskyj 

"Boulder is a unique place.  On the same day, I can bike to work, eat outside in view of the foothills, climb those very same foothills in the afternoon, and then explore Pearl St. mall in the evening, where there is quite the selection of stores and restaurants.  This "mountain town" has everything one could need.  It is a very "forward-thinking" progressive place and I'm proud to live here." 

Sarah Spaulding

"I love to rock climb and Boulder makes the fantastic sandstone of the Fountain formation of the Flatirons and 1.7-billion-year-old Precambrian granite of Boulder Canyon just a short hike away."

Paul Vallett

"Getting to the outdoors is extremely accessible. In less than 2 hours I could be climbing, skiing, hiking, camping, or kayaking. The city and campus itself is beautiful, and everything is easy to get to by bike."

Molly Podolefsky

"My two favorite things about living in Boulder are the biking and the food. Go for a drive any weekend in the summer and you'll see the roads traversed by cyclists of every manner. Between mountain biking and road biking, I put in over 100 miles a week during the summer. Tired, I come home to Boulder and choose between my favorite Indian restaurant, Tandoori Grill, or burgers and fries at Hungry Toad's. Everyone who works hard should get to play hard, and there's no better place to do both!"

Mark Tibbitt

"Boulder offers a wonderful blend of interesting and dynamic humanity with unmatched access to multiple outdoor environments during all four seasons.  I feel continually fortunate to be able to pursue the research that I am working on towards my Ph.D. while having the time and opportunity to immerse myself in the incredible geography of this region."

Mark Czajkowski 

"Boulder makes living the life I want to live easier. Bike lanes are everywhere, so I do not worrying about traffic on my commute to school or when I go to the grocery store. The mountains are the perfect weekend destination to get away from the stresses of school whether you are skiing, hiking, camping, rock climbing, ..."

Brock Mosovsky

"I've found the city of Boulder and the larger Denver-metro area to be incredible places to both work and play. Boulder and the nearby mountains have been great outlets for my many active pastimes and have allowed me to stay centered and balanced during the difficult times in my studies. Denver itself attracts some of my favorite bands and affords numerous cultural venues on a larger scale than those of the smaller city of Boulder, such as a symphony orchestra and an excellent art museum."

AnGayle Vasiliou

"I knew CU-Boulder would provide the academic environment I wanted, but I had no idea about all the other amazing things that Colorado had to offer. Looking back the question should not have been why choose CU-Boulder but WHY NOT? The weather alone in Colorado is untouchable. Even being a graduate student I have enjoyed a lifestyle that most would envy. I bike to work every day, work for a brilliant professor, interact with amazing friends and have a view of the mountains before I fall asleep."