Lindsay Scurto

Top Questions to Ask at a College Fair

Nights are getting cooler, high school parking lots are full again and classroom supplies are out on the store shelves. It can only mean one thing: another school year has begun! And with it, the college search for high school juniors and seniors. There are many components to this process... Read more »
Michelle Trimpe

Q&A with an International Admissions Counselor - India

Where did you travel to in India? I was fortunate to be able to travel to Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad for three weeks in August. This was my second trip to India, but my first time to Hyderabad! I met students in a variety of curricula – CBSE,... Read more »
Zeni Whittall

Counselor Life on the Road

Hello Future Buffs, welcome to a new school year and one of my favorite times of year, the fall. For a while now, the fall, has meant it’s time to get out of my office and off campus to travel. CU Boulder admission counselors travel all over the United States,... Read more »
Clark Harris

Preparing to Apply: Tips on How to Get Ahead

You’ve been on this path for as long as you can remember. You’ve made friends, attended class, completed homework assignments, participated in clubs and sports and went to school events and dances. All for what? Well, for what’s ahead of you of course! Everything you’ve done and accomplished to this... Read more »
Susan King

New Student Welcome: Next Steps

We’re excited that you have decided to attend CU Boulder! You’re likely focused on wrapping things up—perhaps getting ready for high school graduation or finishing up the semester at your current school. But very soon you will begin looking toward fall and your arrival in Boulder. It’s an exciting time,... Read more »
Colin Spaulding

Getting Involved

Depending on a student’s high school experience, it might be cliché to consistently drive home the importance of being “involved” in college. Like eating vegetables as a young child, involvement is one of those things students hear about constantly being good for them but perhaps not in much detail or... Read more »
Jill Diaz

Preparing for College: Top 5 Tips

Congratulations, you have made it! Okay, so maybe you still have to gradate high school, but I am sure it still feels like such a relief to have finally made the decision on where you are going to spend the next 4 years. Go you! Working through application deadlines, essays,... Read more »
Lindsay Scurto

I've Confirmed, What's Next?

So you’re #BoulderBound? Congratulations! We are incredibly excited to welcome you to the Forever Buffs family. Choosing your college takes time, effort and maybe too many trips to the counseling office, but you did it. And now we’re here to help you with the rest of the way to your... Read more »
Natalie Mikulak

Reasons to Choose Colorado

The sunshine! We experience all four seasons in Colorado and it is consistently sunny throughout (300 days a year!). Even if you wake up to a winter wonderland, often the sun is shining in a blue sky that same afternoon. People in Colorado are generally very happy and upbeat, and... Read more »
Kim Diawara

Will my Credit Transfer to CU Boulder?

“Will my credit transfer to CU Boulder?” This is a question we hear several times a day and while it is one of the most important aspects of a prospective student’s transfer process, there is more to this question that you should know. What is the difference between Transferability versus... Read more »