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ALEKS Math Skills Assessment

Completing ALEKS

You should only complete the ALEKS math skills assessment if you will be enrolling in one of the following classes:

APPM 1235, APPM 1340, APPM 1350, ECON 1078, ECON 1088, MATH 1081, MATH 1150, MATH 1300, MATH 1310, PHYS 1110. See ALEKS Classes and Minimum Scores for a list of these courses and their corresponding minimum required ALEKS scores.

An inaccurate ALEKS score will place you into a class for which you are unlikely to be able to do well. These policies have been put in place to help you be successful at CU Boulder.

Goals and Purpose of ALEKS

In response to a high percentage of students earning grades of D or F, or having to withdraw from specific classes, CU Boulder implemented use of the ALEKS math skills assessment. CU Boulder uses ALEKS to make sure students enroll in classes where they have the appropriate mathematical background and should be able to earn a C- grade or better. Students typically over-estimate their readiness. ALEKS will provide you with an objective reality check when done properly.

Using any form of outside resources including the Internet, books, friends, etc., greatly decreases the value to you of the ALEKS assessment.  Using additional resources while taking the test may artificially improve your ALEKS score, but enrolling in a class you aren't truly prepared for will dramatically increase the likelihood you will earn a D, F, or W grade. These grades can have significant negative impacts on your educational experience at CU Boulder including possibly delaying graduation.

Earning a passing grade in a class for which you have the appropriate knowledge is much better for your progress toward your degree at CU than failing in a class for which you are  not adequately prepared.

The classes that require a minimum ALEKS score to enroll are especially challenging and move much more quickly than even the most rigorous high school classes that cover similar topics. You need to have mastered the appropriate foundation of math skills as honestly measured by ALEKS to be able to earn an acceptable grade.

CU Boulder uses ALEKS in order to help students be successful! We want you to do well in your classes! When you enroll in classes where you can be successful, it is the best outcome for you, the other students in the class, the instructor, and the university. Please keep this in mind as you are completing the ALEKS assessment and when choosing classes in which to enroll.

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