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Training: PeopleSoft Finance System

Access to the University's PeopleSoft Finance System is restricted to those whose job duties require it and who have met the training requirements.

This training is designed to provide basic information for accessing and using the University's PeopleSoft Finance System. The classroom training allows time for both hands-on application and individual assistance. The online training is a self-paced series of courses that include Finance System navigation, ChartFields, reporting, and journal entries. Current Finance System users who would like a refresher course are always welcome and encouraged to attend.

Follow these steps to gain access to the PeopleSoft Finance System:

1. Determine your access needs
Work with your supervisor to determine the type of Finance System access you need in order to perform your duties (Inquiry or General Ledger). Your type of access determines your training requirements. Current users are welcome to take refresher courses, whether classroom trainings or online courses. New users must first determine the type of access they require:

  • Inquiry—Get this if your work in the Finance System is limited to looking things up.
  • General Ledger (GL)—Get this if your work in the Finance System entails entering or approving any type of journal entry. (Note: temporary general journal access can be granted for up to three months with reduced training requirements. Temporary access is typically given to new employees during July and August when classroom training is curtailed due to the fiscal year-end close, or for student employees who have training schedule conflicts with classes.)

The following table shows Finance System training requirements for the different types of access:

PeopleSoft Finance System Access Requirements Type of Access 
Training Course Method Inquiry GL (temp.) General Ledger
Information Security and Privacy SkillSoft Required Required Required
Fiscal Code of Ethics SkillSoft Required Required Required
Financials - Inquiry SkillSoft Required Required Required
Financials - General Ledger SkillSoft Required Required
Cognos Reporting System: m-Fin SkillSoft Required Recommended Recommended
Financial Statements Class (3 hr) Required
Finance System Class (6 hr) Required

2. Complete the online training
New users must complete the Fiscal Code of Ethics course, the Financial Inquiry course, and the Information Security and Privacy course prior to completing step #3. The courses are offered through SkillPort, accessible via the myCUinfo portal > CU Resources tab > Training menu > Start SkillSoft > Catalog menu > University of Colorado Courses folder. This navigation is the same for all SkillSoft courses required for Finance System access.

3. Submit the Finance System Access Request form
Once you have determined your access needs and completed the Fiscal Code of Ethics training and Financials–Inquiry training, complete the Finance System Access Request form and submit it to the Finance System Access Coordinator, using the form’s Submit button. If you have Finance System access questions, contact

4. Register by email and print the manual
Register for the classroom training and print out the training manual before class. Remember that access to the PeopleSoft Finance System requires this Finance System training and m-Fin Financial Statement training.

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Training Date Day Time Location  3215 Marine St | Campus map | Google map
August 12, 2014  Tue  9:00-4:00  Marine Street Science Center (RL6) Room W179   
October 14, 2014  Tue  9:00-4:00  Marine Street Science Center (RL6) Room W179   
December 9, 2014  Tue  9:00-4:00  Marine Street Science Center (RL6) Room W179   
Classroom Schedule (starts promptly at 9:00)
Fund accounting, chartfields, resources, policies and procedures
Overview of budgeting presented by PBA
PS inquiry, JE creation, INs, Cash Receipts, and review of  financial statements.