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Training: The Guide

This course is taught by ABS and Boulder campus staff and is designed to cover key chapters of The Departmental Financial Management Guide ("The Guide") and complements and expands on content from the Accounting Handbook. It's a good way to get grounded in beyond-the-basic essentials of higher education fund accounting, critical internal controls, and select special topics. Designed for new employees, those with newly assigned fiscal responsibilities, staff who want a deeper understanding of CU's fiscal environment, or past attendees in need of a refresher.

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2014 Schedule:
2014 Date      Day/Time Location Topic Presenter(s)
April 3 Thursday
ARC 620 Ch. 4: Fund Accounting and Revenue Accounting (Part I) Laura Ragin
April 22 Tuesday
ARC 620 Ch. 4: Fund Accounting and Revenue Accounting (Part II) Laura Ragin & Leila McCamey
April 24 Thursday
ARC 620 Ch. 10 & 12: Cash Control & Accounts Receivable EJ Lee & Leila McCamey
April 29
(2 classes)
ARC 620 Ch. 15: Gift Accounting Liz Spencer
11:00-Noon ARC 620 Sensitive Expenses & Other Topics Jenny Shao & Rebekah Martino
May 15 Thursday
ARC 620 Ch. 13: Internal Sales Activities Leila McCamey
May 20
(2 classes)
ARC 620 CPE: Financial Statement Review, Reconciliation, and Forecasting Leila McCamey & Lisa Vallad
10:30-Noon ARC 620 CPE: Month-End Financial Close Leila McCamey & Lisa Vallad