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Training: ePERS

electronic Personnel Effort Reporting System (ePERS) training focuses on what role the Departmental Administrator plays within the ePERS  process and specific things they can do to assist with certification. Common questions and misunderstandings of what the ePER means are discussed. Unusual circumstances are explained, for example:

  • During spring semester a faculty member has 100% of her salary paid from one project. Why does her spring ePER show only 86% of her salary being charged to that project?
  • A faculty member says he thinks his ePER is wrong and he shouldn’t certify it. One project line has a (minus) -24 payroll distribution and a second project line has 124 in the payroll distribution. What do you tell him and what action do you take?
  • A PI comes to you and asks if you can tell him if there are any people who were paid from his projects who haven’t certified their ePERs. How can you get him that information?
  • A PI hasn’t been paid any salary from her projects during fall semester but she says she received an email notification that there is an ePER for her to certify. She thinks that’s incorrect and comes to you for an explanation.

More Information Contact: Patti Newton at 303.492.2620


If you would like to schedule an ePERS  training for your department, staff, faculty, researchers, or project team, contact Brendon Johnson: 492-2620, or email For ePER instructional material, see ePER topics in our A-Z Index.