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Administrative Policy Statements, managed by the Office of Policy and Efficiency

Administrative Policy Statements

Administrative Policy Statements are the policies of System administration for implementing the laws and policies of the Regents. The Office of Policy and Efficiency oversees system-wide policies and since 2009, it has rigorously reviewed, updated, and eliminated uneeded policies or combined them with other appropriate guidance.  These are the Finance APSs as of 4/15/14:

  • Alcohol Beverages Purchased for University Events
  • Bank Account and Investment Account Restrictions
  • CU Foundation Transfers
  • Direct Spending from a Foundation on Behalf of the University
  • Donations
  • Fiscal Certification
  • Fiscal Code of Ethics
  • Fiscal Misconduct Reporting
  • Fiscal Roles and Responsibilities
  • License and Certification Fees, Memberships, or Dues
  • Officer Disclosure of Interests
  • Payment Card Cost and Risk; Acceptance of
  • Permanent Land Fund
  • Propriety of Expenses
  • Reimbursement for Work Done on Behalf of a University of Colorado Supporting Foundation
  • Travel Authorization