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PSLite is a Microsoft Access application that uses the Central Information Warehouse (CIW) to create a variety of financial and informational reports. It was developed by SPA and is intended only as a finance management tool—it is not a m-Fin replacement. 

  • Download PSLite
    1) Click on the link above
    2) Click the Download button on that page (be patient)
    3) Save PSLite to your computer
  • PSLite Tips, Tricks, & Troubleshooting includes installation help
  • FAQ —
    I changed my password for the Finance System and now I get an “ODBC--call failed” error message in PSLite. What should I do? That error message usually indicates an incorrect password or user ID. On occasion, the password must be changed twice before the system recognizes it. Try logging out of PS and PSLite and changing your password again. Make sure all the boxes are checked in the self-service password P-Synch system.
    Who should I contact with questions about PSLite? If you need help installing the program, please refer to our PSLite Tips, Tricks, & Troubleshooting. If you need help installing Oracle, contact either OIT or your departmental IT support group—SPA or ABS are not equipped to assist with that.
  • After PSLite is installed, for questions about how to run or use the reports, please contact your SPA Grant Accountant or James Lei, 5-6435.