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Handy References

Most of the information on this page appears elsewhere on the site but is often overlooked or underappreciated. If you have a favorite or particularly useful site or resource, feel free to suggest it.

  • Org tree - Excel file shows all University orgs and nodes with Boulder campus highlighted. Big picture view of the University from a organizational structure perspective in startling detail.
  • Fiscal Roles - A short description of the fiscal roles as assigned in the Finance System.
  • Quick Reference Card (QRC) - A powerhouse of information. Contains a list of the accounts that are required to be used at a minimum to classify assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, and cash transfers—useful for JEs. The QRC also explains the University chart of accounts and, in decoder ring fashion, how to use them properly. You can get your very own 20-panel folded cardstock QRC to amaze your friends and coworkers of your proven mental prowess. Send your request by email to and include you campus box number.
  • Internal Sales Activity - Special rules apply whenever one campus department sells or buys goods or services from another campus department. This page explains how to do it correctly (as does the QRC). Lists ID revenue and expense accounts, Boulder campus auxiliary enterprises, and internal service centers.
  • Campus Management Information from PBA - A nutrient-dense PDF that contains financial, research, employee, and student data and statistics. It's also available in physical form by request (a little bigger, and much cooler, than a business card).
  • JEs that require SPA approval - You know those SPA folks are very particular when it comes to fund 30/31 journal entries. Rely on this to get your JEs right the first time and avoid stink eye.
  • Carl's m-Fin Blog - Know what's going on in the evolving world of the Cognos Reporting System and brighten your day with Carl Sorenson's m-Carl humor.
  • OUC news feed - Sign up to receive OUC announcements in your Outlook inbox.
  • User Alert sign-up - Request to be added to the User Alert list to be sure to receive communications from various System offices.
  • CIW Status - Shows whether the CIW is up and the date of the data that it contains.
  • Basic Higher Education Fund Accounting Summary - The kabbalah of what we do.