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 ABS Forms | System Forms

ABS Forms

Form Type Use
IN Form Invoice Interdepartmental invoice used on the Boulder campus
Equipment Off Campus Property Agreement for off campus use of CU equipment
Equipment Transfer Property Agreement for transfer of equipment between departments
Fabrication Tag Request Property Request a CU property tag for fabrications
Missing Property Property Request to remove missing property from dept. inventory.
Property Donation Property To donate University owned property
Property Disposal Property This is an online process through Property Services
Property Disposal EHS Property Disposal requiring Environmental Health & Safety certification
Property Disposal SPA  Property To dispose of property purchased with sponsored project funds
Property Tag Request Property To request an equipment tag
Cost Sharing SPA Addendum for cost sharing/cost matching with UCB funds
Cost Share Certification SPA Certification of UCB In-Kind cost sharing contribution
Checklist for PI SPA Checklist for PIs who terminate or are on extended leave
Department/Unit Award Closeout Check List SPA Closeout checklist for departmental staff
Fellowship Appointment SPA Graduate fellowship appointment letter template
Project Manager Change  SPA To change the Project Manager on a Fund 30/31
Reorg Request SPA To change the org to which a sponsored project is assigned
Fiscal Staff Request Form SPA To add, delete, or modify SpeedType Fiscal Staff on Fund 30/31
Subject Payment Log SPA To record payments to study subjects.
Subrecipient Invoice SPA Subrecipient invoice template (see Sub Monitoring Guide)
Travel Authorization SPA For departmental authorization for travel paid by Fund 30/31
OCG Forms SPA Link to OCG Forms webpage
Records Disposition Log Records Use when departments dispose of University Records
UBIT Questionnaire  Tax Use to determine unrelated business income tax liability

Interdepartmental Invoice (IN)—This multi-part form is used to record the sale of goods or services between departments. Obtain forms from ABS by email request: Specify whether you want the long IN or the short IN, the number of forms (25 or 50 forms per package respectively, but you can order fewer) and include your campus box number. If you have questions, please call 492-3166. (IN form example pdf)

CU System Forms

Office  Type Use



Cash, Chartfield, Fundraising, Gift, Journal Source, CUF Invoice/MOA
(Fund 71 requests click here.)
PSC Procurement Procurement/Travel Card, Honorarium, Payments, Petty Cash/Change Funds, etc.
UIS Access To add/update access to PeopleSoft Finance, Marketplace, HRMS, ISIS, DARS

Frequently Used System Forms

Form Type  Use 
Access Request Access To request access to HRMS, FIN, Marketplace, CIW, ISIS, etc.
Chartfield Request ChartField Select the form you need. (Fund 71 requests click here.)
Cash Receipt  Cash To document and process deposits.
Petty Cash & Change Funds Cash To establish or modify a petty cash or change fund.
Payment Authorization Cash To fund a petty cash or change fund.
Gift Fund Gift To create or modify a Gift Fund 34 SpeedType.
Fundraising Authorization Gift To create a Fund 34 used for fundraising.
Gift in Kind Acceptance Gift To accept non-monetary gifts of $5,000 or more.
Transfer Funds Gift For non-routine gift funds transfers from the Foundation.