Records Retention

The Retention of University Records APS establishes University principles and processes for the retention and disposal of University Records. The APS empowers a Records Management Committee to create guidelines to put the APS into action. Here is a schematic overview of responsibility as set forth in the APS:

Steps to Dispose of Records

  1. Identify records that qualify for disposal as specified in the Retention Schedule. Note that scanned images of receipts are acceptable as source documentation for records retention purposes as long as they are an accurate image of the original and are readable. In addition, however, federal contracts also require that the original be retained for a minimum of one year after imaging per Federal Acquisition Regulation 4.703.
  2. Consult the APS to be certain these records meet all other applicable disposal criteria.
  3. Dispose of the records appropriately. Shred those that contain personal or confidential information. Consult the APS for examples.
  4. Complete a Records Disposition Log after disposal and send to ABS per instructions on the form. The log is used to complete a mandatory annual report to the State Archivist.