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This staff directory is sorted by last name but clicking on the Name heading re-sorts by first name. Use the dropdown box to filter by work unit. Click here to see the ABS organizational chart.

ABS:Accounting & Business Support GA:General Accounting SPA:Sponsored Projects Accounting

Name Departmentsort descending Contact
Elizabeth SpencerArea Accountant GA elizabeth.a.spencer@colorado.edu303.492.1071 - ARC 411
Jenny ShaoSr. Area Accountant GA jenny.shao@colorado.edu303.492.2429 - ARC 409
Rebekah Martino, CPAArea Accountant GA rebekah.martino@colorado.edu303.492.5582 - ARC 405
Stefanie Furman, CPAAssistant Director Cost Accounting and Central Operations GA stefanie.furman@colorado.edu303.492.2396 - ARC 425A
Chris ZetterholmCampus Security Coordinator & Technical Operations Accountant GA zetterho@colorado.edu303.735.6570 - ARC 407
Kay YangArea Accountant Apprentice GA Kay.Yang@Colorado.EDU303.492.0640
Maggie YoungAllocations Specialist & Technical Operations Accountant GA maggie.young@colorado.edu303.492.6375 - ARC 437
Denise Rodriguez-MoraAccounting Technician III GA denise.rodriguez-mora@colorado.edu303.492.8648 - ARC 435
Greg RoersCentral Operations Manager GA greg.roers@colorado.edu303.492.6376 - ARC 427
Diana VidalCash and Construction Accountant GA diana.vidal@colorado.edu303.492.3568 - ARC 433
Jeanne ConnelyAccountant I GA jeanne.connely@colorado.edu303.492.2424 - ARC 423
Patty PattersonAccounting Technician III GA patricia.patterson@colorado.edu303.492.8030 - ARC 421
Leila McCameyAssistant Director General Accounting GA leila.mccamey@colorado.edu303.492.0794 - ARC 403
Linda Cross-HagarAccounting Technician III GA linda.crosshagar@colorado.edu303.492.8646 - ARC 431
Nadiya VovkGrant Accountant — USDA, ED, DOJ, USGS, NREL, Misc. Fed O-Z, Misc. Non-Fed K-U SPA nadezhda.vovk@colorado.edu303.492.3778 - ARC A418
Karen StinerGrant Accountant — C2B2, NSF (split with Bev Baran—refer to your Cognos statement for the grant accountant), UCD/AMC SPA karen.stiner@colorado.edu303.492.9302 - ARC A413
Andy WangGrant Accountant — EPA, NPS, Misc. Fed A-N, Misc. Non-Fed A-J SPA - ARC A438
Mary PfeiferProject Set-up Accountant SPA mary.pfeifer@colorado.edu303.735.5083 • ARC A417
Patti NewtonEffort Reporting Accountant SPA patricia.newton@colorado.edu303.492.2620 • ARC A440
Mandy WangGrant Accountant — DOD: Air Force/Army/Navy, Universities (not CU) SPA • ARC A444
Kathy LoudermilkCost Share Accountant SPA katherine.loudermilk@colorado.edu303.492.1679 • ARC A425
Nasrin KhoshandCompliance Manager SPA nasrin.khoshand@colorado.edu303.492.7213 • ARC A423
Jim SheppardCost Transfer Accounting Tech SPA james.sheppard@colorado.edu720.235.0572 • ARC A442
Linda JohnsonSPA Analyst SPA linda.johnson@colorado.edu303.735.6678 - ARC A417
Melissa EnglundBilling Manager — AR3 projects - automatic payments/not invoiced SPA melissa.englund@colorado.edu303.492.2614 - ARC A424
Jeni ComlyBilling Supervisor — Agencies starting with U, DOE, Billing systems: VIPERS/DOE SPA jeni.comly@colorado.edu303.492.1724 - ARC A451
Sylvia EstradaProject Set-up Accountant SPA sylvia.estrada@colorado.edu303.492.5287 - ARC A411
Pat LibhartBilling Technician — Agencies starting with O, AFRL/AFOSR, Army, ARO, DTRA, DARPA, FISCSD, Goddard, Navy, NRL, STSI, Sandia, SPAWAR, SJUNIVRESFND, Billing systems: PAYWEB, WAWF SPA patricia.libhart@colorado.edu303.492.2616 - ARC A447
James Lei, CPASponsored Projects Accounting Manager SPA james.lei@colorado.edu303.735.6435 - ARC A450B
Maribel MarkhamCash Accountant SPA maribel.markham@colorado.edu303.492.6446 - ARC A448
Bev BaranGrant Accountant — NSF (split with Karen Stiner—refer to your Cognos statement for the grant accountant) SPA bev.baran@colorado.edu303.735.4760 - ARC A412
Gabby RushingBilling Technician — Agencies starting with F, G, H, I, J, K, M, S, V, W, NREL, sponsors identified as "VARIOUS" (C2B2, Senior Design) SPA gabriele.rushing@colorado.edu303.735.5412 - ARC A449
Mike BusseySr. Grant Accountant — NASA, JPL, STSI, Ball Aerospace, RWJ Foundation SPA michael.bussey@colorado.edu303.492.5174 - ARC A448A
Charlotte WhyteBilling Technician — Agencies starting with A, D, N, P, Q, R, T, X, Y, Z SPA charlotte.whyte@colorado.edu303.735.5053 - ARC A446
Sharon DeCarloReporting and Closeout Manager — HHS, NIH SPA sharon.decarlo@colorado.edu303.492.8901 - ARC A450A
Janet HildebrandtBilling Technician — Agencies starting with B, C, E, L, AWWA, SWRI, Billing systems IPP, Exostar/Lockheed SPA janet.hildebrandt@colorado.edu303.492.8902 - ARC A445
Terri RoarkSr. Grant Accountant — DOC, EDA, NIST, NOAA, Misc. Non-Fed V-Z SPA terri.roark@colorado.edu303.492.2619 - ARC A414
Mirinda ScottAssistant Director, Accounting Policy and Procedure Communication ABS mirinda.scott@colorado.edu303.492.9567 - ARC 413
Pat JittboonBusiness Intelligence System Analyst ABS Pat.Jittboon@Colorado.EDU303.735.7249
Tzuyea YuCost Accounting Analyst ABS Tz.Yu@Colorado.EDU303.735.6587
Laura SnyderPeopleSoft HR\FIN Boulder Upgrade Project Manager ABS Laura.Snyder@Colorado.EDU303.492.1842
Laura RaginCampus Controller and Director of ABS ABS laura.ragin@colorado.edu303.492.2109 - ARC 417
Chyrl TaylorAssistant to the Campus Controller ABS chyrl.taylor@colorado.edu303.492.2618 - ARC 415