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This staff directory is sorted by last name but clicking on the Name heading re-sorts by first name. Use the dropdown box to filter by work unit. Click here to see the ABS organizational chart.

ABS:Accounting & Business Support GA:General Accounting SPA:Sponsored Projects Accounting

Name Department Contact
Nasrin KhoshandCompliance Manager SPA nasrin.khoshand@colorado.edu303.492.7213 • ARC A423
Kathy LoudermilkCost Share Accountant SPA katherine.loudermilk@colorado.edu303.492.1679 • ARC A425
Patti NewtonEffort Reporting Accountant SPA patricia.newton@colorado.edu303.492.2620 • ARC A440
Jim SheppardCost Transfer Accounting Tech SPA james.sheppard@colorado.edu720.235.0572 • ARC A442