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Monthly Key Dates & Deadlines


Jul 18 Fri Reminder: No more departmental FY14 June journals.
Jul 18 Fri Report any errors >$10,000 to your Area Accountant.
Jul 21 Mon 4:00 Allocation changes and creates due for July business. Send to Maggie Young, or call 492-6375.
Jul 21 Mon 5:00 Time collection for monthly pay period ending July 31.
Jul 21 Mon 6:00 Final campus close for ABS/PBA. Final June reports are based on this close. After today, we enter period 998 and only the OUC can make FY14 entries. Run reports using period 998 to pick up any 998 entries that may have been entered.
Jul 22 Tue Departmental Administrative F&A and General Fund budget and cash carry forward are booked before July close.
Jul 22 Tue Reminder: No more departmental FY14 June journals.
Jul 23 Wed Moratorium ends on new account code creations effective FY15.
Jul 23 Wed Moratorium ends on org tree changes. SpeedType inactivations, new orgs/nodes, reorgs, etc., may be processed.
Jul 23 Wed ABS emails balance sheet detail requests to support accounts receivable, allowance for doubtful accounts, unearned revenue, and deposits held in custody. These are due back to ABS August 8.
Jul 23 Wed 8:00a Final June close reports available in Cognos.
Jul 23 Wed Noon HR Production down for payroll processing. HRMS inquiry only.
Jul 24 Thu 5:00 Time collection for biweekly pay period ending July 19.
Jul 25 Fri 6:00 Gift expenditure cutoff for July 31 month-end CUF wire transfer.
Jul 28 Mon 6:00 Creation, validation, and departmental approval of cost transfers and PETs for fund 30/31 projects and fund 34 gift journals for this month. No exceptions.
Jul 30 Wed 6:00 Deadline for fully approved expense reports to upload this month.
Jul 31 Thu Check for unposted July journals to correct, approve, or delete.
Aug 1 Fri BJE cutoff for July. A&S units: submit budget change requests to the A&S Budget Office by its deadline.
Aug 4 Mon 6:00 Finance System campus close for July. Do not create, validate, approve, or post July journals after 6:00 pm—they do not post and are deleted. (Cutoff for fund 3x journals was July 28.)
Aug 5 Tue 10:00a Unposted July journals that are not copied and assigned a future date or saved in incomplete status will be deleted.
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