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Technical Operations

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What we do

As its name implies, Technical Operations is responsible for many technically exacting back-office, system, accounting, and reporting functions that most users do not directly encounter.

  • Set up ChartFields in accordance with University and higher education accounting guidance in order to properly classify University financial transactions
  • Reconcile the Finance System to the State of Colorado Financial Reporting System (COFRS)
  • Pay University sales tax to the city of Boulder and State of Colorado for departments that don't have their own tax license
  • Tuition and fees deferrals
  • Payroll withholding and payroll overpayment allocation
  • Faculty/staff children scholarships allocation
  • Tuition waiver allocation
  • IPEDS reporting
  • Allocations
  • Subsystems/Blackbox
  • Cash transfer reconciliation
  • IGPV reconciliation
  • Stale dated warrants
  • Agency fund operations and reconciliation