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Cost Accounting

We can help you with: 

  • Assistance with completing the space survey
  • Questions about F&A, GAIR, or fringe benefit rates

What we do

  • Negotiate the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rate with the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Prepare other cost studies such as the General Administrative Recharge (GAR) rate and the General Infrastructure Recharge (GIR) rate. Combined, these comprise GAIR.

F&A Rates FY 2015

LASP On-Campus
53.0% 26.0% 40.0% 49.0% 26.0%
F&A rate history | HHS Negotiation Agreement

GAIR & Eco-Pass Recharge Rates

GAR GIR Total GAIR Eco-Pass
FY14 5.54% 0.55% 6.09% 0.26390%
FY15  6.01% 0.57% 6.58% 0.26390%
FY16 5.75% 0.69% 6.44% TBD
GAIR recharge rate history | GAIR description & calculation

Fringe Benefit Rates FY 2015

Employee Type Rate
Regular Faculty 29.0%
Prof Exempt & Research Faculty FT/Classified permanent 35.8%
Prof Exempt & Research Faculty PT/Classified temporary 15.3%
Student Faculty 12.3%
Hourly 1.1%
LASP Leave Rate 21.9%
Benefit Rate History | Benefit Rates by Job Code | Benefit Rate Calculation | HHS Negotiation Agreement
Additional Pay is also subject to these benefit rates. Part time (PT) is <50%. Full time (FT) is  ≥50%.

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