ABS Office Administration

Who to contact for issues related to our departmental operations
Equipment and furniture ordering (not office supplies or IT supplies) Chyrl Taylor             492-2618
Floor Proctor Jeanne or Jeni 492-2424 or 492-1724       
IT orders (computers, monitors, mice, software, etc.) Mirinda Scott 492-9567
Key Liaison Chyrl Taylor 492-2618
Office Supplies Nanette Bell Small 492-3166
Parking Liaison —
Business Parking permits are available for staff who need to park on campus. You are required to have your own personal parking permit in order to use them. Both need to be in view.
Nanette Bell Small 492-3166
Payroll and Personnel Liaison (PPL) Chyrl Taylor 492-2618
Risk Management Liaison Chyrl Taylor 492-2618
To reserve room 446, 620, or MSSC:
1) Open your calendar in Outlook.
2) Click Open Calendar in the ribbon on top.
3) Select Open Shared Calendar.
4) Select or type in ABS-ARC-446 or
ABS-MSSC-W179 or OIT-ARCE-620.
5) Schedule it (MSSC and 620 need subsequent approval).
Nanette Bell Small  492-3166