ABS Internal Policies and Processes

ABS Personnel and Administrative Policies

Administrative Leave (2013)
Bereavement Leave (2006)
Dress Code (2006)
Employee Awards (2007)
Flextime (2013)
Make Up of Time Off (2003)
Outside Employment (2001)
Overtime/Compensatory Time (2001)
Pre-Employment Background Checks (2007)
Staff Training Grid (2013–under review)
Training (2009)
Training Conferences (2008)
Tuition Benefit (2013)

ABS General Processes

Accounts Receivable Collections Process (2014)

Check Handling GA Process (2004)
Computer Set-up Request for New Employees (2008)
Desk Manual Template (2011)
Floor Proctor Information (2010)
Pollution Remediation and GASB 49 Instructions (2010)
Private Data Protection (2012)
Records Storage (2006)
SpeedType Attribute Coding – Controller/Dept Defined (2009)
Subsystems: Creating a New Black Box Upload (2012)

Sponsored Projects Processes and Documents

SPA Billing Process (2001) (revision underway)
SPA Cash Receipt Process (2002) (revision underway)
SPA Checklist for PIs who Terminate or are on Extended Leave (2009)
SPA Close-Out Checklist (2013)
SPA Collection Process (2012)
SPA Cost Compliance Monitoring (2003) (draft)
SPA Cost Sharing Process (2005)
SPA Cost Transfer Memo for A&S Financial Service Center (2008)
SPA Cost Transfer Process (2011)
SPA Disposal of Project Files Process  (2012)
SPA Fixed Price Residual Process (2009)
SPA Mobile Phone and Data Plan Purchasing Process (2012)
SPA Naming Conventions for Associated Projects (2008)
SPA Payroll Expense Transfer Approval Process (2005)
SPA Project Create Process (2012)
SPA Third Party Cost Share Certification Form (2005)
SPA UCD "Gift" Awards posted (2010)