Sponsored project notification change

March 20, 2013

The Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) and the office of Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) have developed an improved process that speeds up important notifications to PIs and project administrators. No action is required on your part as a result of these changes.

Starting March 7, Principal Investigators and Fiscal Managers will receive auto-generated emails notifying them of Project number(s) and SpeedType(s) assigned to newly accepted awards. By the end of March, auto-emails will also be sent when accepted project updates result in fiscal changes, such as a new end date or award amount. We estimate that these changes will reduce the processing time for awards and updates by approximately five days. 

OCG’s current practice of transmitting electronic copies of the award/modification documents remains unchanged. If you have questions about the new email notifications, please contact James Lei, Sponsored Projects Accounting Manager, 303-735-6435.